-22:55- E assim termino a nova versão!! Agora vou-me pôr sempre de olho a ver se não há problemas e a melhorar outras ceninhas e assim!!!!!!!

Ontem choveu buéééés, e hoje fez muito soliiiiiiiiiiinho, pingou também mas teve mais sólinhooooooo. Aiiii, bommmmm. Espero que gostem muito desta versão, eu gosto. Acho que poderia melhorar mas agora deixo assim que já tá fixe.

Esta semana devem sair as notas, tenho que dar um pulinho lá na escola, mas se calhar lá mais pó fim da semana ou no início da outra... eish.. as férias são tão pequenas, quero mais!! Ainda falta uma semana e esta acabou de começar não é? Hehehe.

-00:58- Estava a ver uns sites e num encontrei uma ceninha bem fixe, bom vou tentar responder. Foi deste site.

The survey that tells you more than you wanted to know:
1) Last dream: Don't remember XD
2) Last car ride: Err.. I think it was Sunday
3) Last kiss: This afternoon
4) Last good cry: don't remember :>
5) Last Missing Library Book: err... nothing nothing
6) Last movie seen: Daredevil
7) Last Book Read: 12 pages of 'Os Maias' - Eça de Queirós
8) Last cuss word uttered: hmm?
9) Last beverage drank: Milk :>
10) Last Food consumed: chocolate's almond
11) Last Crush: yap
12) Last phone call: err... my dad, maybe friday I think
13) Last TV show watched: As If in AXN
14) Last Item Bought: Ragazza
15) Last time showered: today ._.
16) Last shoes worn: pink slippers (se slippers forem chinelos/pantufas)
17) Last CD played: Cd.. Cd... naaaa... don't remember
18) Last downloaded: some files in my FTP that I accidentaly deleted in my pc
19) Last annoyance: the time
20) Last disappointment: I don't know.. something something.. the weather XD
21) Last soda drank: ......... milk, it isn't soda, but ok
22) Last thing written: here, right now!
23) Last key used: key to my house this afternoon
24) Last word spoken: it has been two hours or three.. maybe goodnight.. but in portuguese of course :P "Boa noite"
25) Last trip to the bathroom: half an hour to brush my teeth
26) Last sleep: 14 hours ago, something like that
27) Last IM: what??
28) Last sexual fantasy: NOT
29) Last orgasm: NOT
30) Last weird encounter: weird weird... let me see..maybe someone ignore me for fun :>
31) Last Store Shopped at: Continente
32) Last ice cream eaten: ice cream.. in school about a... month!?! ago
33) Last time amused: this afternoon
34) Last time wanting to die: I think.... long time ago or never.. don't remember or I don't know or I don't care..
35) Last time in love: yap..
36) Last time hugged: this afternoon
37) Last time scolded: scolded? :>
38) Last time resentful: I don't want to think very hard
39) Last chair sat in: right now
40) Last lipstick used: one or two hours ago, but it's 'invisible' lipstick and is lip care
41) Last underwear worn: hmm hmm
42) Last shirt worn: a warm and black shirt
44) Last class attended: Geography
45) Last Final taken: dunno
46) Last time dancing: I don't dance a long time ago
47) Last poster looked at: I don't know
48) Last concert attended: hmm hmm :S
49) Last webpage visited: I would said this one but.. it was the Free Translator, that doesn't help me with a few words as you can see :/

-02:14- Tive a fazer umas ceninhas no Play MASH.