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Enquanto procurava aqui uma coisita pelo google (que me está a arreliar e muito), deparei-me com este artigo que gostei muito: Real hackers dont use CSS, gostei bastante, mostra o modo dos hackers (que por acaso posso dizer muitos portugueses) fazem os sites e depois os (poucos mas em evolução, ca em portugal) standardistas (será que se pode dizer assim a palavra?).

Pessoalmente cheguei a fazer sites assim, mas uma pessoa aprende :)

As maneiras erradas

How to make a website, a hacker’s guide:

  • Convert the designers images to JPG
  • Add an image-map to each one of them
  • Make sure all links work
  • Show the designers

How to make a website, a hacker’s guide (version 2):

  • Convert the designers images to JPG
  • Slice the images so that the big one-colored areas can be replaced with a table cell
  • See if any of the text can be removed from the image and set in a cell
  • Link each individual image correctly or use an image-map.
  • Make sure all links work
  • Show the designers
  • Show the customers


A maneira certa:

How to make a website, a standardist’s guide:

  • Look at the design the designer gave you, figure out what parts the design consists of.
  • Start writing the HTML corresponding to those parts. Try to avoid adding elements to the HTML just for the sake of design. Make sure all content in the design is represented in the HTML (text preferable).
  • Link a CSS file to your HTML and start adding style to the document. Test in the modern browsers and read guides with common bugs to fix problems you encounter.
  • Show the designers and explain why they can’t have it look just like it would on paper.
  • Do user testing to determine things work or not.
  • Release it to the customers and be open to feedback.